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Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools

Volunteers and visiting service providers

Volunteers and visiting services providers are an essential part of the Diocese of Toowoomba School communities.

Working together we aim to create and maintain safe environments for our students, staff and families. We require all volunteers and visiting service providers to read, understand and follow the relevant code of conduct and student protection information.

Catholic Schools have developed an online induction module for volunteers and services providers that sets out our expectations and commitment to student safety. 

We ask that before you begin work or volunteering that you take the time to read the relevant material below and view the induction module (please note it uses audio), then complete the applicable declaration form and provide this to the appropriate school administration.


 Visiting Service Providers

 Induction Video

 On completion of viewing the video, you and the school(s) you have selected will be sent a confirmation email for compliance records.