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Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools

Sponsorship opportunities

Toowoomba Catholic Schools has a number of sponsorship opportunities that enable community and business to connect with our employees, our families and our communities.  

Toowoomba Catholic Schools Leadership Forums

Toowoomba Catholic Schools (TCS) holds four leadership forums each year (one per school term).  These forums bring together the Executive Leadership Team, senior system leaders and principals from across the Diocese to focus on key priorities for schools and to partake in leadership development.

Sponsorship opportunities provide organisations with access to the principals and senior leaders of TCS at the Leadership Forum, to share information and about themselves and to network.

Further information can be found in the 2023 TCS Sponsorship opportunities brochure.

Toowoomba Catholic Schools Excellence Awards

Toowoomba Catholic Schools Excellence Awards are held annually to acknowledge the outstanding contribution of staff and volunteers to teaching and learning, leadership and education support.  

Sponsorship opportunities provide organisations with access to school and system leaders and staff through promotion of the Awards and at the highly regarded awards presentation dinner.  

If you are considering sponsorship for 2023 please see the 2023 TCS Sponsorship opportunities brochure for more details.

Toowoomba Catholic Schools Art Festival

The Arts Fest provides opportunities for students to take part in workshops, to perform in front of audiences, to collaborate with students from other schools and to be inspired by each other a real celebration of our belief in The Arts!

For businesses, the two key events the Arts Fest: Art Show and Arts Fest: Belief in the Arts celebratory performance provide sponsorship opportunities which enable you to connect with families and the general public and provide options for sharing what your business has to offer them.  Please see the 2023 TCS Sponsorship opportunities brochure for more details.

Apply to be a sponsor

We invite you to complete the application to be a sponsor and a member of the Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office will be in touch.

2023 TCS Sponsorship opportunities