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Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools


Media guidelines

Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools Executive Officer is responsible for handling all enquiries from the media regarding Toowoomba Catholic Schools, news stories and events.

We address all enquires on a case-by-case basis and understand the level of interest in Toowoomba Catholic Schools. Wherever possible, we try to respond either in writing (media statement or email advice), through access to Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office spokesperson, and/or by providing images.

On some occasions, our ability to meet requests may however, be constrained by

  • the availability of the spokesperson
  • legal considerations and requirements given we are an educational institution and the status of discussions or negotiations on the matter being investigated are always guided by child safety concerns
  • our ability to respond within the news cycle given that some commentary requires approval from the Bishop of Toowoomba

These guidelines have been prepared with a view to building better understanding and working relationships with media.

Media releases

Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office post media releases on this website.  There is a subscription option on the Media releases page to set up an alert to an email as these are published.  Please visit the Media releases page for more information and to subscribe.

Interview requests

If you would like to request an interview with Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools spokesperson, then please contact the Communication and Public Relations Officer through either of the means below

Telephone 07 4637 1465

Email kristy.hayes@twb.catholic.edu.au

Official spokesperson

The Executive Director: Catholic Schools is the official spokesperson for Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools. The Executive Director: Catholic Schools may opt to nominate an alternative spokesperson depending on the story.

Where work or travel commitments prevent the Executive Director: Catholic Schools from providing a verbal comment, we will try to at least provide a written response.

Please be aware Toowoomba Catholic Schools employees are not authorised to provide comment to the media about our schools or operations. For example, comments by employees or contractors which may be overheard talking at the local café/bakery are not on the record or represent the organisation.

Media site visits

All visitors need approval to enter any school and must be hosted at all times by a Toowoomba Catholic Schools employee. You will be required to undergo a brief school induction procedure in line with Toowoomba Catholic Schools’ code of conduct, child protection and safety standards. Your Toowoomba Catholic Schools host will coordinate your induction, and guide you around the school site.

Filming policy

If you have approval to visit a school and have a photographer or video cameraperson with you, then please discuss with the school Principal the shots that you are interested in taking.

There are strict privacy guidelines for where images of children can safely be taken; footage or photography of children within their school environment is permitted only on an approval first basis by their parent, legal guardian or carer.

Archive photography and footage

Toowoomba Catholic Schools has a library of images that are available on request. Please contact the Communications and Public Relations Officer through either of the means below.

Telephone 07 4637 1465

Email kristy.hayes@twb.catholic.edu.au