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Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools

Inspiring and expert staff

There are many reasons why students succeed in Toowoomba Catholic schools but the most important of these is our staff. After the family the teacher is the most influential person in the lives of students whilst they are at school. Our teachers make a difference every day, educating and inspiring students.

So what inspires our teachers? 

I find it difficult to choose a favourite teacher because I was blessed to be educated by engaging, dedicated and passionate teachers from my first day of Preschool to my final day of Year 12. They taught me some of my favourite subjects, including Maths and Science, but more importantly to be persistent, resilient, curious and much more. I hope that I have been able to pass on these gifts to the learners I have learned alongside for the past two decades. The best part of choosing to become a teacher is that we are paid to learn new things every single day and the best teachers I have are the children in my classes. 
Amanda Thompson | Teacher | St Joseph’s School, Stanthorpe

As a child when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always responded in one of two ways – a nun, or a bus driver. Moving to secondary school; however, I became more attuned to my passion and overwhelming desire to work with children and so chose to pursue a career in education. The beauty of the teaching profession is, that it is a powerful one. Each day you have the power to make a positive impact in the life of a child. And every time you change just one person’s world, in essence you begin a butterfly effect with the potential to improve lives for generations to come. This is true power.
Kerri-Ann Manthey | Middle Leader | Holy Name Primary School, Toowoomba

Being a teacher is a privilege. It provides opportunity to shape the future of our society by having an impact on the next generation. Teachers nurture the development of knowledge, skills and dispositions that enable our students to be positive, creative contributors to the world. It’s a dynamic profession in which every day is different and there are always new challenges; knowing that you have made a difference to a young person’s life is a total gift.
Angela Martlew | Deputy Principal | Mater Dei Primary School, Toowoomba

Starting my formal education in a small one teacher school with all the classes together in the one room made me realise the importance of having a teacher that can relate to children in all aspects of their lives. I have had many teachers that have made an impact on my life journey, and this has inspired me to be on that journey for others. I knew early in my career that I wanted to be teacher that inspired young children to achieve their goals, be independent and work with others to find their passion in life. If I can be ‘just one cog in a child’s wheel of life’ I hope that it will be positive, inspirational, and caring.
Marie Sullivan | Director | St Mary’s Kindergarten, Warwick

I came home on my first day of Grade 1 and told my parents I wanted to be a teacher, just like Mrs Kimmins, when I grow up. Fast forward a few decades and I am in the 12th year of a wonderful career, most of which has been spent working for Toowoomba Catholic Schools, except for a two-year break to enjoy a working holiday in the UK. I feel very blessed to currently be appointed as the APRE at St Thomas More’s in Toowoomba. The thing I love most about my job is that there is always the opportunity to grow and learn.
Kristin Byrne | Assistant Principal Religious Education | St Thomas More’s Primary School, Toowoomba