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Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools


Lurlene Langton and her artwork

On Wednesday night, the Independent Education Union–Queensland and Northern Territory Branch, held its annual Awards for Excellence in Art Design competition at the Queensland Multicultural Centre in Brisbane.

The Excellence in Art Design Awards are open to preschool, primary and secondary school students and teachers in non-government schools throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory. This year’s competition theme was ‘Unity’ – inspired by the Helen Keller statement, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”. 

Youth and Community Learning Centre’s student, Lurlene Langton was the recipient of two awards. Her artwork titled, ‘Our Story’ won two categories, Indigenous Art-Years 5-12, and Art-Years 9-10. 

“This young artist has explored the essence of land, culture and the unifying of the past with the next generation, both physically and spiritually.  The symbolism and story in the painting are effective and speaks to the audience in an energetic and spiritual tone that is accessible and therefore contributes in ‘unity’ and understanding. Beautifully executed!” said judge, Julie Seidel.

 Another judge, Aunty Thersa Nunn said, “This beautiful painting represents everyone and everything. It is evident that Lurlene has been listening to her elders and brings everything into her artwork. The Cherbourg country totems are represented beautifully and identifies unity between land and people. I am in absolute awe that a young person can produce such an amazing piece of art.”

The many comments from the other attendees of the showcase, acknowledged Lurlene’s talent as an artist, as well as, her insightfulness and resilience as a young woman. Comments such as, “… her artwork is of a level and quality that I have never seen before”, and “Lurlene’s work is breath-taking. I couldn’t take my eyes off the piece”, will inspire Lurlene to pursue her artistic work long into the future.

“Youth and Community Learning Centre encourages young people to develop their individual skills, talents and abilities. We celebrate Lurlene’s success, along with the successes of all our young people and community members,” said Liisa Hammond, Principal.