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Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools

World Teachers' Day: Creating Connections for the future

Jade Love - Years 5-9 Curriculum Leader at St Mary’s College, Toowoomba

After eight years in Mount Isa, Jade Love packed her bags and embarked on a new teaching journey at Toowoomba's St Mary's College three years ago.

With her innovative approach and dedication to student success, Jade is making a significant impact on the lives of countless students at St Mary's College.

“I started my teaching journey in 2014 in Mount Isa, and I was there for eight years which was a very enjoyable experience," said Jade. 

Working out west gave Jade plenty of opportunities both professionally and socially.

“I was able to move into a leadership position quickly and also create some amazing connections and special memories.”

As a teenager, Jade began teaching music at a local studio, which instilled a new passion into her life and gave her insight into a career she would one day take on.

“Growing up I always had a passion for music and I enjoyed sharing this passion with others which led to a decision to  study education as well as music at university.”

Currently, Jade teaches music and business, and also oversees the Year 5 to 9 curriculum at the college as a middle leader.

Her energy and enthusiasm in the classroom connects her with her students which helps them to learn and progress academically.

“It is wonderful to see students grow throughout their time at the college and help them find the right career path that will change their future.”

“In my current role, I work with data that assists with several initiatives designed to help our students improve their literacy and numeracy skills.”

Jade assists mentor teachers so they can work with each boy in their mentor group to help support them in achieving realistic goals for their future.

“I support teachers so they can be at their best and that way we can get the best outcomes for our students.”

“I am leading a program focused on personalised learning which helps recognise individual student growth by tracking progress over time to identify any patterns.”

This program is designed to support the students' growth journey and helps in setting realistic, attainable and achievable goals.

“The data takes a holistic view of our students which helps teachers understand the students and their interests so they can create connections and an increased willingness to learn.”

“Once we get to know our learners we can provide positive reinforcement and recognition based on their general interests and who they are as a person.”

For Jade, teaching really is where the future begins!

Download Jade's story here