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Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools

Two Worlds

Josh Arnold and students writing the song 'Two Worlds'

Inspired by each other, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from across the diocese came together recently for a three-day workshop called ‘Identity Matters, the result is a song and video called Two Worlds.

“This has been a moving project to lead, one where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from different schools got to know each other and had three whole days to share their culture with each other and write an original song to share with a wider audience,” said Jennifer Wills from the Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office.

Students from Year 6 -12 came together to share what it is like for them to be an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person today, they have grown in their understanding of themselves and of each other.

Josh Arnold, singer and songwriter facilitated the workshop. Josh led the students through a number of activities to draw from them key ideas and feelings for inclusion in the students’ own original song.

“At first students were shy, but soon showed their pride in their culture, their families and who they are,” explained Josh Arnold from Small Town Culture.

The feedback from schools communities, parents and carers has been remarkable.

“We are very proud of our students and can’t wait to show this to other Dioceses who are replicating this project with their students; following Toowoomba’s lead,” said Jim Midgley, Director: Teaching and Learning.

The song and video can be found on You Tube and were launched as a part of diocesan National Reconciliation Week 2017 commemorations.