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Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools

Sharing the positivity of St John's, Roma

Bernadette Makim and Cathy Perkins at the Inaugural Positive Education Wellbeing National Conference in Cairns

The Inaugural Positive Education Wellbeing National Conference in Cairns was the perfect place for St John’s Roma to share the success of its positive education program.

Cathy Perkins, School Counsellor and Bernadette Makim, Coordinator of Positive Education from St John’s presented at this conference and received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

“Our presentation was titled "Positive Education:  where we began and where it's taken us".  The aim was to present a practical session for participants that outlined the journey our school had travelled so far in implementing Positive Education.  We guided the participants through the journey of our school's achievement using photos, materials developed by students and staff and had them participating in activities that have worked for us,” said Ms Perkins.

“Many people requested to keep in contact so that we can continue to share ideas and one principal is even keen to send staff to our school to share firsthand what we are doing.  I think this is a great testimony to all staff at St John's, because Bernie and I were representing the achievement of everyone.”

“We know that it is not because we brought a program or just about implementing it, the change in school wellbeing, and what we have experienced at St John’s has taken time and happened because our school community values building relationships.  This is the work of everyone, not just one or two people.  We know that feedback from the conference about how inspiring our presentation is a reflection of the work put in by our school community as a whole.  I think we have a pretty amazing group of people at St John's and our ongoing story of Positive Education is going to continue to be inspiring.” 

Positive Education at St John’s is based on Martin Seligman’s PERMA model that focusses on: Positive emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Achievement.


CONTACT:           Tracey Flint | Executive Officer | 07 4637 1420  | tracey.flint@twb.catholic.edu.au