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Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools

New principals ready for the 2022 school year

New principals to the Diocese engage in remote learning (LtoR) Kylie Millar, St Patrick's Primary School, Mitchell, Libby Rosentreter, Good Samaritan College, Toowoomba, Angela Travers, Manager: Identity and Mission, Brendan Redinger, St Francis de Sales School, Clifton, James Wren, St Patrick's School, St George, Bidal Minabe, Senior IT Technician, Michael Ball, Mater Dei Primary School, Toowoomba

Six new principals are being welcomed into Catholic schools across the Diocese of Toowoomba this week. Some moving from other Catholic schools in the Diocese and others coming from outside of the Diocese to join these communities. Each is looking forward to the year ahead and have already been involved in an induction program.

“Having moved my family to Toowoomba from Narrabri, we are all extremely excited to meet in person the people that we have met via videocalls and telephone” said Michael Ball, new principal at Mater Dei Primary School.

“Last week, I was involved in teacher and principal induction and was really impressed by the thorough and supportive organisation of Toowoomba Catholic Schools. This week, I am working with the staff to get ready to welcome students.”

For Brendan Redinger, joining the Clifton community as principal of St Francis de Sales he is keen to continue the great work of the school and build on their already outstanding results.

“Getting back to the Charism of St Benedict and the Sisters of the Good Samaritan in a school with a wonderful reputation is such a privilege. I am excited to be a part of this very special community and I can’t wait to build positive relationships with everyone.”

Both Libby Rosentreter, principal at Good Samaritan College, Toowoomba and James Wren, principal at St Patrick’s School, St George believed the coming together for induction was invaluable in the lead up to the new school year.

“To meet with the Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office staff and other new principals to share learning and set the trajectory for our personal leadership journey was a wonderful way to start the year,” said Libby.

“With this in my mind, I am looking forward to welcoming our young people back and getting the year underway.”

James said, “The induction was a great opportunity to familiarise myself with some of the system processes and to meet and network with the other new principals. I know they’re knowledge and experience is something I will be calling on in supporting me throughout the upcoming year.”

Kylie Millar is returning home to Mitchell to lead St Patrick’s Primary School, and Liisa Hammond will take her position as principal at Assumption College, Warwick.

Both Kylie and Liisa are moving to town with their families and are keen to connect with the wider community.

“I believe a strong culture of nurturing and challenging the unlimited potential of every student is key,” said Liisa. “This needs to be both in the learning and their wellbeing, developing in them self-belief and capability. It is a partnership between school and home.”