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Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools


Claire Richardson

Fifty new teachers, both experienced and beginning their career in teaching are joining the Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools in 2021. Of the new staff, 19 are graduates.  These new staff have spent the past two days week in an intensive orientation program designed to prepare them for their new position and teaching in a Catholic school.


Some of the other workshops and topics they have covered include:

  • Essential Skills for Classroom Management
  • Relationships in Schools
  • Digital Tools and Data Analysis
  • Quality Assessment practices in Secondary Schools
  • Digital pedagogies
  • Overview of Reading Improvement Strategy
  • Planning for Personalised Learning
  • Teaching through the lens of Catholic Perspectives
  • Q and A sessions with early career teachers – opportunity to ask informal questions.


The program also provides the opportunities for these new teachers to get to know each other and interact with education officers and senior education staff and leaders from Toowoomba Catholic Schools in a welcoming setting conducive to building a broad overview of the expectations of working in our schools.

New staff come with a diverse range of experiences. Claire Richardson is a graduate who has changed career.  She was formerly an engineer and draftsperson.  Having attended St Joseph’s College, Toowoomba she believed that becoming a teacher in a Catholic school would bring her the greatest satisfaction and was where she could make the most difference. “I believe the Catholic system provides a more holistic approach to teaching and learning and I look forward to influencing young peoples’ skills and knowledge,” said Claire. Claire is going to Assumption College, Warwick.


Brady Zahner will begin his teaching career at St Maria Goretti School, Inglewood.  As the only male teacher on staff Brady is looking forward to being a positive male role model for all the students. He will be teaching Prep to Year 2. Having attended Villanova College, Brisbane Brady explained that the culture of a Catholic school had a big influence on the person he has become, and he hopes to be a part of building that culture as a teacher.

As an experienced educator, Damien Pryor-Darnell will be joining the Good Samaritan College team. Damien’s expertise in supporting students’ academic and behavioural learning success drew him to this particular school. “There isn’t a dichotomy between academic and social-emotional growth, they are an equal focus,” said Damien. The focus of Good Samaritan College aligns with his own philosophy and personal experiences; and as a result, his passions for teaching English and Horticulture will be realised.




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Brady Zahner

Damien Pryor-Darnell