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Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools

Catholic sector withdraws from 2017 NAPLAN Online

The Queensland Catholic Education Commission will follow the government sector and delay the roll out of NAPLAN Online until 2018.

Executive Director Dr Lee-Anne Perry said 22 Catholic schools around Queensland had been intending to administer the test online this year.

“Catholic School Authorities consider the best outcomes will be delivered if all sectors move together in introducing the new system.

Our focus is on ensuring that no school or student is disadvantaged by the way that NAPLAN testing is conducted.

“We appreciate that there have been some concerns around the introduction of online testing and we support the Minister’s view that students, parents and school communities must have complete confidence in the system.”

Dr Perry said Catholic schools have been part of a cross-sectoral working group planning for the introduction of NAPLAN Online.

“We will continue to work with the government and independent sectors and the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority to ensure that when students undertake online testing they can be confident they are using a fair and effective system.

“Catholic schools have certainly shown a willingness to take on online testing.

“We already have indications from another 130 schools that they want to introduce NAPLAN Online as soon as possible.

“It’s our hope that by delaying the introduction for 12 months we will ensure the best possible system is introduced into our schools.”



Maree Lacey - Communications and Marketing Manager - QCEC

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