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Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools

Good Samaritan College students lead Reconciliation Walk to mark 20 year anniversary

COVID got in the way of the Good Samaritan College acknowledging the 20 year anniversary of the famous Sydney Harbour walk in 2020, but the students were determined to mark the anniversary in 2021.

Gathering on the lawn at the front of the Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office, students and staff of Good Samaritan College and Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office began this acknowledgement with a traditional smoking ceremony, acknowledgement of country and prayer.

The students and teachers of Good Samaritan College then walked together to Queens Park, carrying banners made by the students, with positive messages about the importance of continuing our journey to reconciliation.

“In 2020, the students of Good Samaritan College were discussing Reconciliation Week and how they would acknowledge and demonstrate their commitment to reconciliation. They believed that re-enacting the Reconciliation Walk, 20 years on, in Toowoomba was a positive and public way to show that they are making a contribution. COVID prevented this walk in 2020, however, the students suggested to partake in the walk in 2021, also acknowledges the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Reconciliation Australia,” said Mrs Liisa Hammond, principal of Good Samaritan College.

 “By choosing to start at the Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office, they wanted to also show that they are supported by and walk along Catholic education in making a difference.”

Lachlan Ott, an Indigenous student, from Good Samaritan College said, "Reconciliation needs to be more than just a word. The past has to be acknowledged and dealt with so that we can move into the future. Sorry isn't sorry without action. So GSC has chosen to walk the walk, not just talk the talk to represent that we are the change not just simply expecting others to do it for us."