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Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools

Celebrating family

Grandma and grandaughter working together


Grandparents and special relatives were invited to St John’s Roma on Friday 10 March for a special morning of entertainment. Close to 300 accepted the invitation coming from as far as New Zealand and the Gold Coast and as close by as down the road. They gathered in the assembly hall to watch students from the school perform items and to be entertained.  

School leaders guided the audience through a spectacular array of performances beginning with a prayer from the Year 1 students followed by nursery rhymes from the Preps.  There were excerpts from ‘Wind in the Willows,’ Year 4 singing their tables and a highland dancing display. 

Visitors also joined the students in their classrooms to share in learning.  Following the classroom visits grandparents and relatives shared a delicious morning tea, served by the students. 

Miss Kirsten Cochran one of the organisers said, “This is a great event that seems to grow every year.” 

Donaugh Shirley, Principal of St John’s and guest speaker for the morning commented, “What a lovely experience for students as well as their grandparents and special friends.”

The Grandparents Day is an annual event at St John’s.