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Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools

Research in Toowoomba Catholic Schools

Impacts of COVID-19 on research

During the emergent response to COVID-19, we respectfully request that research involving Catholic schools in the Toowoomba Diocese be postponed until further notice. This includes research with existing approvals from Toowoomba Catholic Schools or a school/college principal. Our priority at this time is keeping our students and staff safe and able to continue with teaching and learning.

Toowoomba Catholic Schools will continue to accept new applications to conduct research involving our schools/colleges and process these for compliance with the Toowoomba Catholic Schools research guidelines. However, no approvals for permission to approach Toowoomba Catholic schools/colleges will be given until they return to normal operations.

Please note the processing time for research applications may also be longer than usual during this time. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this places on post-graduate students and research staff at your university.

Should you or your staff require further clarification or wish to discuss a particular project, please contact Tracey Flint, Executive Officer via email at tracey.flint@twb.catholic.edu.au or call 4637 1420.

External researchers

For those who are not employees of Toowoomba Catholic Schools to conduct research in our schools, an application must be made to the Executive Director: Catholic Schools in the first instance.  This application must be made using either

This application will be assessed by Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office to determine if in principle approval is to be given for researchers to contact the principal of the school/s in which the proposed research is to be conducted. Final approval for research is to be given by the relevant school principal.