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Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools

Policies, procedures and guidelines



3.01 Opening, Closing, Relocation and Modification of Schools and Other Educational Buildings
The provision of Catholic Education in the Toowoomba Diocese, will be a planned and responsive process which is collaborative and consultative in nature and tied to the mission of the Parish and/or Diocese.
3.04 Aboriginal Education and Torres Strait Island Education

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Toowoomba will enter into partnership with Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples to provide quality Catholic education.

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3.05 School Renewal
Each primary and secondary school will engage in self-renewing processes which align to activity with gospel values and build communities in which God's spirit is nurtured.
3.08 Information and Communication Technology
All educational facilities and services will provide appropriate and equitable access to, and use of, Information and Communication Technology.
3.09 The Pastor and the Parish School
The purpose of this document is to express the policy of the Diocese of Toowoomba concerning the role of the Pastor in regard to the Parish School.
3.10 Professional Learning
All Catholic education staff will undertake professional learning encompassing Catholic ethos and the development of knowledge and skills in areas specifically related to their employment.
3.11 Early Years
The Diocesan Education Board will support and encourage the establishment and maintenance of learning continuity across the Early Years.
3.12 Critical Incident Management Policy
The Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office and Catholic schools are to have a current critical incident procedure that includes a decision making and response plan for critical incidents and training programs for all employees.
3.13 Health and Wellbeing Policy (current July 2013)
Catholic schools will promote a safe and supportive environment in which members of the school community will be assisted to acquire skills and knowledge to make decisions which optimise the health and wellbeing of themselves and others.
3.14 Education of the Marginalised
School communities will work towards the provision of equitable access to a quality education for all children and youth.
3.15 Senior Years of School
Within the senior years Catholic secondary schools will endeavour to provide education programs which provide for depth and breadth of learning and multiple pathways. 
3.7 School Board Policy (current at July 2013)
Each school in the Diocese will establish a School Board according to the shared wisdom model.
6.1 Religious Education in Catholic Schools
All students in Catholic schools will be provided with opportunities to deepen their knowledge and understanding of religion.
6.2 Faith Education in Catholic Schools
All students in Catholic schools will be provided with opportunities to develop and nuture their faith.
6.6 Pastoral Care Policy (current at November 2012)
Pastoral care will be continually evident in the life of all Toowoomba Catholic Education communities. Pastoral care considerations will influence all policies, structures and practices which are part of the life of these communities.
6.7 Curriculum
Through collaborative professional dialogue between the school community, schools will develop and implement school curriculum infrastructure in partnership with the Catholic Education Office.
8.1 Gender Equity
Catholic Educational Communities will develop among their members a culture which supports and models gender equity.
8.2 Student Protection
Catholic Education supports the rights of children and young people and is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of students.
8.3 Sexual and Sex-based Harassment
Catholic Education Communities will challenge cultures that support sexual harassment in society and will address situations of such harassment with due recognition of the Catholic Church context and the pastoral care of individuals.
8.4 EEO for Women in the Workplace
Catholic Education Communities will ensure that skills and potential of women are recognised, developed and utilised to the best advantage, so that employment and career progress are merit based.
8.5 Health, Safety and Environment Policy (current at October 2013)
The Catholic Education Office and schools, will ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of students, workers and other persons present on Catholic Education Office and school premises, and comply relevant legislation.
8.7 Peformance Review
Every staff member in Catholic Education will engage in a process of formal review and goal setting as outlined in any contract or as arranged between the staff member and the Catholic Education Office.
8.8 Workplace Bullying and Harassment
All staff employed through the Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Toowoomba, as well as contract and voluntary workers, are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect in their workplaces.
8.9 Conflict of Interest Declaration Policy
Any member of a diocesan or decision making bodies involved in delivering Catholic education will promptly, fully and appropriately disclose the nature of any conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest.

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