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Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools

Graduate teachers - apply to work with us!

We welcome your application for a graduate teaching opportunity with Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools

Please complete the online application form below if you would like to apply for graduate teaching employment with us.

Teachers who work in our rural or remote schools are entitled to a number of specific benefits. Our teaching in rural and remote locations benefits brochure describes these benefits and identifies the schools that are considered rural and remote in the Diocese of Toowoomba. Working in a rural or remote school not only has financial benefits; it is a great way to accelerate your teaching career by gaining diverse teaching and life experiences. 

The map of the Diocese provides you with a geographical view of our 31 schools across the Diocese.

If you have any questions about the completion of the online application form or even a general enquiry about working with us, please contact our recruitment team by emailing recruitment@twb.catholic.edu.au or call 07 4637 1441.

Prior to commencing the online application form, we recommend that you

  • ensure you have all the required documentation saved to your device prior to starting - it is not possible to save a partially completed application form
  • ensure all documents are in pdf or docx format
  • please use a Microsoft device when completing the online form - problems may occur when trying to attach documents using an Apple device (including both iPhones and iPads).

Required documentation

  • change of name evidence (if applicable)
  • certified copy of your qualifications and a certified copy of your academic transcript (if these have not been issued by your University they can be submitted via email at a later date)
  • certified copy of your final practicum and internships reports
  • evidence of eligibility to work in Australia e.g. birth certificate, citizenship, visa


Graduate teacher application form - come work with us!


(if applicable)
If you have changed your name please provide documentary evidence, for example, your marriage certificate
If different from above
This is your primary contact number
An additional number you may be contacted on, for example, a home phone number

Your qualifications

Include: Name of course, name of institution, completion date/expected completion date and majors
Please upload a certified copy of your certificate as evidence of attainment. If you have not yet received this, please provide to recruitment@twb.catholic.edu.au upon receipt so that this information can be added to your application
Please upload a certified copy of your official academic transcript. If you have not yet received this please provide to recruitment@twb.catholic.edu.au upon receipt so that this information can be added to your application
Accreditation to teach Religion in a Catholic school is a professional requirement of teachers of Religion in Catholic schools in Queensland. This applies to all primary class teachers and to secondary teachers required to teach a Religion subject. Teachers initially gain accreditation to teach Religion in a Catholic school by completing four units of approved tertiary study. Until they have done this, teachers hold Interim Accreditation to Teach Religion in a Catholic school. Some graduate teachers who have completed their study through ACU may already have completed four semester units of study in the areas of Religion studies; Christian leadership; theology; scripture; Religious Education; liturgy; spirituality or similar. This would then meet the initial requirements for accreditation to teach Religion in a Catholic school. Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office (TCSO) suggests a number of study pathways and scholarships to support teachers to gain this accreditation. TCSO encourages teachers seeking to meet the four units of study requirement to do so by initially engaging in the Religious Education Accreditation Program (REAP) Inservice. They would then follow this with the study of three semester units from the Australian Catholic University (ACU) or from Broken Bay Institute – The Australian Institute of Theological Education (BBI-TAITE). Teachers then renew their accreditation to teach Religion in a Catholic school by completing 50 hours of approved Professional Development activities in designated five-year periods. This 50 hours may include 25 hours of activities suitable for maintaining accreditation to teach in a Catholic school. The additional 25 hours would usually have a specific Religion curriculum content / pedagogy dimension.


Please include: Name of school, town/city, year level taught, commencement and cessation date
please upload a copy of your practicum reports
Please include: Name of school, town/city, year level taught, commencement and cessation dates
Please upload a copy of your internship report

Employment preferences

If relevant, please provide further information on your above selections

Teacher registration

If your application has been processed and you have received your registration number
If applicable

The Queensland Government announced a COVID-19 vaccination mandate for the education sector from the commencement of the 2022 school year. We are advised that mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations will be required for all people delivering a service at a school or an early childhood education and care setting. Can you please attach a copy of your full vaccination certificate against COVID-19.

Previous employment

This will help us to recognise any entitlements that may carry forward from your previous employment with Catholic education.

Eligibility to work in Australia

Please tick the eligibility condition that applies to you (please note: documentary evidence is required)

Please upload a copy of your Australian birth certificate, citizenship or residency evidence, NZ passport or current visa to confirm your eligibility to work

Referee details

Information provided by your referees is to be used solely in connection with your application for employment.

This should be from the Principal or school staff member responsible for managing your internship placement. Please include name, position, contact phone number and contact email.
An additional professional referee might be your teacher associate or if you are currently employed your manager. Please provide their full name, position, business, contact phone number, and email.

Compulsory notices

In applying for a position with Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools and submitting your application for employment, you will be providing the Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office or School with personal information; for example, your name, address and other details contained in your application. We will collect and record this information in order to assess your application. If you believe that any of your personal information held by us is incomplete or inaccurate, you have the right, in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy legislation, to notify us and make any updates or corrections. When you have provided us with the name and address of a person in connection with your application [e.g. referee], you should inform the person that you have done so and the reason for it. You should also inform them that the information is to be used solely in connection with your application for employment. In submitting this application for employment, you agree that you will not seek access to references provided by third parties or to confidential notes or reports made to us relating to your application for employment. We seek your agreement in this regard to ensure that referees are not inhibited from providing complete and accurate references as to your suitability for the position. Access to feedback on the selection process is available. We expect to contact your current employer (if you have one) as one of your referees and request your consent to do so. By selecting 'I agree', you are giving this consent. If you prefer that we do not contact your employer, please advise us when you submit your application. You should be aware that declining to give consent may prejudice your application. I agree with the above conditions and certify that the information in this application is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that I have a duty to disclose sufficient information to enable a prospective employer to make a properly informed decision about my employment.