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Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools

External Exam Preparation Program (EEPP)

Preparing for external exams can be daunting!

Toowoomba Catholic Schools has developed a program to assist students as they work towards the general subject/s external assessments called the EEPP.

This program is led by experienced and expert teachers of general subjects from across schools and colleges in the Diocese.
These teachers, act as mentors to the students and are supported by additional teacher tutors.

Students can opt into the program, undertaking sessions for all or just some of the general subjects they are studying.

The program is focussed on exam preparation as well as student wellbeing - building students confidence and skills to achieve their best ATAR.

Which of the general subjects does the EEPP cover?

The following general subjects are covered in the EEPP.

  • English
  • English Literature
  • General Mathematics
  • Mathematics Methods
  • Specialist Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

What will be covered by the mentors?

Experienced teachers will act as mentors to students and...

  • develop and lead sessions on specific subject exams
  • guide the planning and writing of responses to practice questions
  • provide specific examples of cognitive verb use in exam questions and how to 'break down' what is expected in the answer
  • give clear guidance on what the examiners are looking for
  • support the completion of mock exams
  • provide written and verbal feedback to enable students to grow their knowledge and skills
  • provide additional resources for use after the program.

What will students focus on in the EEPP?

  • study techniques including constructing timetables, Cornell note-taking and interleaving practice
  • how to manage your wellbeing including meditation, healthy eating and exercise
  • tap into the learning of other Year 12 students from across Toowoomba Catholic Schools
  • explore what an exam block will look like in practice
  • review cognitive verbs and their meaning
  • use sample exams and assessment to understand the types of questions that might be asked
  • how to break down questions into manageable parts
  • expectations of exams including length of responses and marking criteria
  • completing practice exams together with others and individually
  • experience external exam conditions

What students need to do to register for the program

Schools and Colleges will have discussed the EEPP with students.  To register for the program, contact your school's/college's Senior Curriculum Leader, Deputy Principal: Teaching and Learning or the Assistant Principal: Curriculum.  

Are you an experienced and expert teacher in a general subject?  Are you interested in being a mentor in the EEPP?

Looking for a professional learning experience to work alongside an expert teacher - apply to be a tutor!

Expressions of interest are being called for mentors and tutors for the EEPP being held from the 28 September - 3 October 2020.  To register your interest complete the online form below.  Please ensure that you have a statement of endorsement from your school principal to upload.  Expressions of interest have now closed; please contact your principal for further information.