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Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools

Code of Conduct review

The Toowoomba Catholic Schools (TCS) Code of Conduct is being reviewed as part of the established three-year cyclical process. This important document sets the standards of behaviour, performance and conduct expected of TCS employees.


Your feedback is most welcome on all or part of the TCS Code of Conduct, which you can access via the links below.

Sections 1 & 2 - Introduction & Overview of general commitments


Section 3 - Responsibilities of employees to the employer


Section 4 - Responsibilities of employees to students


Section 5 - Responsibilities of employees to parents/guardians and families of students


Section 6 - Professional relationships

Sections 7 & 8 - Duty of care & Risk management


Section 9 - Drugs, alcohol and tobacco


Section 10 - Discrimination, harassment and bullying


Sections 11 & 12 - Implementation of the Code of Conduct & Useful links and resources


Once you have reviewed the section(s) of your choosing, please click on the link below to launch the feedback form.


Feedback is being collected until Monday, 16 July 2018.


Launch feedback form