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Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools


Tom with Anna Scudamore (Teacher: St Mary's School) and Brett Pollard (Principal: St Mary's School)

Thomas Masel, a Year 3 student at St Mary's School, Goondiwindi has achieved the highest score in the ICAS science exam for Year 3.  


International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) is a suite of six competitions designed specifically for primary and secondary students and assesses students’ skills in Computer Skills, English, Mathematics, Science, Spelling and Writing.


ICAS are conducted annually in Australia and in over 20 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, Pacific countries, and America. Top scoring students in each year level in each subject are awarded a UNSW medal.


In addition to a Student Report, each student that participates receives a Certificate which is awarded based on the number of students taking each test and the distribution of their scores.  Certificates range from a High Distinction to a Participation Certificate.  Students with the top score in each subject in each year level are awarded a medal and a medal winner’s certificate.  


This year over 980,000 entries were received but only 514 students from Australia and 100 students from New Zealand and the Pacific Region were awarded medals for their outstanding achievement.


Congratulations to Thomas – This is a wonderful achievement!  Thomas will attend the 2018 ICAS Medal Presentation Ceremony on December 1 at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.