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Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools


Executive Director: Catholic Schools, Dr Patrick Coughlan

Dr Patrick Coughlan holds the position of Executive Director: Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Toowoomba. This role has delegated responsibility from the Bishop of Toowoomba to lead education, policy, governance, accountability, resourcing and renewal across our 31 Catholic schools.

Director: Formation and Identity

Dr Ken Avenell holds the position of Director: Formation and Identity. He is responsible for supporting schools in providing excellent teaching and learning in the religious and faith education areas and them being clear, strong Catholic presences in their local communities.

Director: Teaching and Learning

Mr Jim Midgley holds the position of Director: Teaching and Learning. He is responsible for supporting schools in providing excellent teaching, learning and student support services and for leading the school improvement agenda.

Director: Information Services

Mr Kevin Berry holds the position of Director: Information Services. His role is responsible for the strategic planning, management and implementation of information technology across Toowoomba Catholic Schools.

Director: Human Resources

Mr Peter Simpson holds the position of Director: Human Resources. Peter is delegated with responsibility for employment, payroll, student protection, professional standards and health and safety.

Chief Financial Officer

Mrs Julie Payne holds the position of Chief Financial Officer.  Her role is responsible for Toowoomba Catholic Schools strategic and operational financial management, school finance support, risk management, facilities development and maintenance and the Toowoomba Catholic Schools' fleet of vehicles.