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Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools

Faith education

Religious education

Religious education in the classroom assists students to understand and appreciate religion and the variety of ways of expressing religious beliefs.

Classroom religious education is not directly focused on creating a religious experience as much as an educational exploration of religion.

The purpose of the classroom teaching of religious education therefore, is to help students become better informed and capable of thinking seriously about religion, acquiring knowledge, attitudes, values and skills.

Faith education fosters, nurtures and supports students in a Christian faith. It can only occur in a setting of free association and willing participation. The important condition in faith education is that students are ready, willing and able to share their faith and nurture the faith of others.


The core content taught in our schools is organized into four related areas:

  • Sacred texts - Old Testament, New Testament and Christian spiritual writings and wisdom
  • Beliefs - Trinity, Human Existence, World Religions
  • Church - Liturgy and Sacraments, People of God and Church History 
  • Christian Life - Moral Formation, Mission and Justice, and Prayer and Spirituality

The classroom religion program utilizes a range of contemporary learning and teaching process and resources and has all the rigor and richness of other subject areas.


The Religious Life of the School includes four inter-related components:

  • Religious Identity and Culture - tradition, culture and values
  • Evangelisation and Faith Formation
  • Prayer and Worship
  • Social Action and Justice

Each component provides a significant focus on a particular aspect of the Religious Life of the school.

Religious Identity and Culture

Our schools derive their identity and culture from their Catholic Christian character (that is from God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit flowing through the scriptures and down through 2,000 years of history. This includes the Saints and the founding orders of our schools).

Ours schools constantly review three main elements when they define their identity and culture. These are:

  • developing the school’s ethos and charism
  • building an authentic Christian community
  • creating a sense of the sacred

All of this helps our schools communities live the values everyday at school and in our local communities.

Evangelisation and Faith Formation

Evangelisation and faith formation are focused in an explicit way on the call to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. Respond to it in daily life and to deepen each child's understanding and faith. The three elements that schools continually reflect on are:

  • living the gospel
  • spiritual formation
  • witness to the wider community
Prayer and Worship

Prayer and worship create a sense of purpose and identity within each school community. Bringing together students, staff, parents and parish to a better understanding of their shared humanity that links them with the global Church and what role they can play in sharing the good news.

Three elements that schools constantly experience and celebrate are:

  • Christian prayer
  • celebrating liturgy and sacraments
  • ritualising everyday life
Social Action and Justice

Social action and justice brings into focus Jesus’ vision for the coming of the Kingdom of God. This where our schools reflect on the difference between charity and justice and the need to balance both.

For Catholics, social action finds its foundation in the scriptures, particularly the Gospels and in the Church’s Social Teaching. The three elements that a school focuses on are: 

  • justice in the school community
  • action for justice
  • reflection on action for justice

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