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The Faith Education and Curriculum Team provide support and consultancy services within the Diocese. Team members respond to requests from the Diocesan Education Board to develop policies relevant to faith education and curriculum as well as monitoring the implementation, evaluation and the reviewing of these policies.

Faith Education personnel support religious education teachers in Catholic Schools, the volunteers who teach religious education in State Schools and the volunteers who support the religious development of those who have an intellectual disability. Adult Faith education courses and professional development activities in adult faith education are also part of this service. A religious education Resource Center provides resources that support these various activities.

Education Officers in curriculum offer support to school communities in the development of diocesan policy directions in curriculum innovation and implementation. In school support is available to teachers in pedagogies relevant to specific areas of the curriculum and in the application of curriculum documents and resources within the classroom. Inservice activities are organized and supported in these areas. Teacher Librarians provide advice and support to school library staff and to class room teachers in resourcing of the curriculum.