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Diocese of Toowoomba: Catholic Education Office


The Diocese of Toowoomba: Catholic Education Office is the educational executive arm of the Bishop. It operates under the authority of its Director, to whom the Bishop has delegated the leadership, management and administration of Catholic Education in the Diocese. Key relationships of the Catholic Education Office exist with the Bishop, Clergy, Catholic Education Board, schools (both diocesan and Religious Institute owned), parishes, agencies and commissions within the Diocese and with similar bodies at state and national levels.

How we are organised
The delegations to the Diocese of Toowoomba: Catholic Education Office have given rise to an organisational structure and key result areas which have evolved in response to diocesan tradition and circumstances. This organisational design incorporates service teams of Faith Education, Teaching and Learning; School Improvement; Corporate; and Directorate.

How we are Resourced
Governments (State and Commonwealth) provide financial resources on a needs basis to a contracted authority. The expectation is that distribution of these resources be on a similar principle of need, by the contracted authority to its constituent groups.

Our Symbol
The symbol chosen for Diocese of Toowoomba: Catholic Education is the gold layered cross with the red flame superimposed on the lower section.

The cross, the age old Christian symbol, is shown as layered to indicate that it embraces all who would follow Christ. In gold, it represents the transcendence and centrality of Christ.

The flame symbolises the Holy Spirit, Christ’s gift to us. It is depicted in red to illustrate the western geographic context of the ministry undertaken by diocesan staff.